The Enemy Within


An alarming series of events has taken place in Averheim. People have gone missing and been found dead as rumours suggest a new criminal boss is violently establishing his position. Nobles and other important people throughout the Empire speak of something sinister gathering influence and strength, and the uncertainty surrounding the open Electoral position does little to reassure them. Meanwhile, as these developments set Averheim on edge, the strength of Chaos is being gathered and set to a new purpose…


A sinister figure stands poised to take advantage of the period of uncertainty prompted by the death of Marius Leitdorf, the former Elector of Averland. Slain in the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass, Leitdorf left no clear heir. Now, this villain conspires with the enemies of the Empire to manipulate the succession for his own advantage.

Into the midst of this conspiracy steps a small group of heroes. Their adventures will take them far to the north and into the heart of the Empire. They will be both catspaw and foil. They will be embroiled in politics and war. And they alone will save the Empire from its greatest enemy… The Enemy Within.

The Enemy Within

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