The Enemy Within

Of Beginnings

A Missing Dwarf

Noa, having just left the Grey College, returned to his old stomping grounds, the docks district of Averheim. There he met up with an old acquaintence, Roderick. Noa was interested in rumors of disappearances around the docks, and when he found out Roderick was asked to meet a well off dwarf about that very subject, decided to accompany him.

Roderick and Noa met with Bjorn Bergessohn the next morning at a small cafe overlooking the Plenzerplatz. Bjorn told them he had a young cousin, Gelrik, who had been missing for two nights now and had last been seen near the docks. Roderick and Noa agreed to help Bjorn (for a price) and three of them headed for the docks around mid morning.

On the way, a woman running a fishmongers stand waved a pamphlet at them. Noa took one. It was a pamphlet pleading for help finding her missing husband.

The first stop was at the Upright Pig Inn. There they met Mathilda Durbein, a sassy business woman who seemed to know Roderick already. Mathilda had some fun toying with the naive Noa, but told them that she had indeed heard that a dwarf was around a couple days ago, he was asking for Frederick Grosz. Roderick knew that Grosz had a room upstairs, so they waited and sure enough Grosz sauntered down sometime after noon, apparently having just arisen. It soon became clear Roderick had a history with Grosz as well, and Grosz was a cocky scoundrel. Grosz explained that Gelrik owed him money from a gambling debt and had come to pay what he could and beg for more time to get the rest. Grosz said he still owed a gold crown, but Roderick guessed he was padding it for possible profit. As they left the pig, Bjorn noticed a skinny moppy haired youth watching him closely. Probably had never seen a dwarf before…

The trio headed down the docks to the White Horse Inn, where Roderick introduced them to Ute the Busker who was playing her hurdy-gurdy (it sounded awful). As she paused to tune it, they chatted. She was happy to exchange information for a few coins or more information. She told them that Franz Haller, a dockworker, had gone missing, Franz the beggar hadn’t been seen since last Behzaltag, and Olga Klinski was quite worried about her husband who had also disappeared. Ute remembered seeing a dwarf walk past the White Horse around sundown two nights ago in the rain.

Roderick went looking for Kurt Guth, a beggar he knew. He found him snoring under a crate where Kurt had climbed to get out of the rain that fell this afternoon. Kurt also had heard a dwarf was looking for Grosz the other night, but not much more. However, down the alley Noa spotted someones foot poking out from between two barrels and upon examination they found a dead body. Roderick identified him as a local thug who ran protection rackets named Klaus Keller, he worked for Grosz. Keller had large slash wounds to his front, but Noa also noticed small puncture wounds in his back. The flesh around these wounds was soft and spongy and had turned gray and were the consistency of warm cheese. Very strange. Roderick stuffed the body back behind the barrels and made Kurt swear he had seen nothing.

They went to Mathilda’s shop, where she was just closing up. Roderick told her about Keller and exchanged rumors with Mathilda. She mentioned the disappearances might be related to the new crime boss in town, one people were calling “the man in the black hood” but mused why the fishmonger and Bjorn’s cousin would be involved in the shake up amongst the criminal world…

They stepped back out on the streets, it was early evening, and planned their next steps. They were a little hungry, maybe grabbing a bite at the Pig would be a possibility while they figured their next move.



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