Frederick Grosz

Alleged racketeer and smuggler


Frederick Grosz is known as a career criminal, a sometimes–thief, sometimes–smuggler, often–racketeer with many connections throughout Averheim’s underworld. A man of middling height in his early thirties, he has weathered features and a magnificent handlebar moustache. He is muscular, but carries it under a layer of thick, lower–class clothing.


Grosz grew up hard on the rivers and wharfs of the Empire, moving from riverboat to riverboat as crew, and running afoul of bandits, docker gangs, and officers of the law. He developed a cheerfully amoral outlook on life, recognizing the value of working as part of a crew (afloat or ashore), but also the primacy of self–interest in the criminal life. Grosz is quite friendly as a general rule, happy to meet new people and willing to make small sacrifices in the name of friendship. However, Grosz is utterly ruthless in pursuing his own interests and won’t let “friendship” stand in the way if pressed. Only those who have known Grosz for a long time, or who have had the misfortune to be on his bad side, truly understand his ruthlessness.

Frederick Grosz

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