Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum

Minor noble, Averheim


Clothilde is a vision of radiant beauty in her late twenties. She has an attractive and friendly face, a curvaceous hourglass figure (rendered even more so by her well–tailored corsets and bus- tle) and long curly auburn hair piled high and held in place by a wrought–iron tiara decorated with owl feathers and the Imperial cross. Clothilde is bright, cultured, curious and down to earth, and genuinely motivated by what’s best for the people of Averland. While not extensively trained in the arts of war, she has demonstrated her courage on many occasions, including when she volunteered at a Shallyan hospice not far from the front lines during the Third Black Fire war. Indeed, barring her strange reluctance to marry, Clothilde von Alptraum is everything an Imperial noblewoman should be.


Gravin Clothilde is a minor member of one of Averland’s preeminent noble families, the von Alptraums. Unusually for a woman of her birth, standing, and age, she is unmarried, and holds her title in her own right, not through a husband. Like Graf Friedrich, Clothilde von Alptraum wields political influence outside the scope of what would be expected of her birth and status, but in Clothilde’s case this is due to her extensive familial and social connections, charm, and easy wit rather than her money. She has been subjected to many, many proposals of marriage, all of which she has skillfully evaded. Amongst her suitors have been both Graf Friedrich von Kaufman and Theodosious von Tuchtenhagen.

Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum

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