Luminary Konrad Mauer

Heirophant of the Light Order


uminary Mauer is a short, slightly built man of 39. His dazzling white Light Wizard’s robes compensate somewhat for his lack of physical stature and he never goes abroad without a white miter that adds several inches to his apparent height. Although he is not an old man, Luminary Mauer’s neatly trimmed goatee is as white as new snow. Due to his long usage of light magic, Mauer’s eyes seemed washed out and somewhat insubstantial. In darkness, they shine faintly like stars. When he is using magic, they gleam with bright light.

He prefers to be referred to as “Herr Luminary,” or “Luminary Mauer.”


Luminary Mauer is a wizard of the Light Order, of sufficient rank and skill that he may essentially go where he wishes and do as he pleases. It is rare that a light wizard would be so far from Altdorf for an extended period of time, unless he were actively hunting a Chaos enemy or artefact, but Mauer has been residing in Averheim for several years now, where he mostly keeps to himself, pursues some magical research, meets regularly with other scholars at the Journey’s Rest Coaching Inn on the Plenzerplatz, and lends his expertise to the nobility of Averheim when required.

Luminary Mauer was taken in by the Light College when he was orphaned. Young Konrad proved a capable student, not merely in magic but also in regards to history and the arts. He became a noted expert on Chaos, witchcraft, and the spellcasting traditions of other races and nations. Luminary Mauer was feted by authorities in the Cult of Sigmar for his assistance in tracking down and destroying followers of Chaos operating in Reikland.

As such it came as some surprise when Luminary Mauer moved to Averheim in 2517 to study the early magical traditions of man during the Time of Sigmar, since Averheim isn’t regarded as a good location for those who seek to investigate the wiles of Chaos or partake in intellectual pursuits.

Luminary Konrad Mauer

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