Flyer from Olga Klinski, the fisnmongers wife

Olga Klinski, a fishmongers wife in the docks, was handing out this flyer to passersby:

“Have you seen Jurgen Klinski?

Jurgen Klinski went missing five days ago from the Averheim docks. He is a tall and handsome man with brown hair and hazel eyes and a red felt cap. His wife and son miss him very much. It was late in the evening and we had run out of firewood and he went out into the wind and rain to see if he could get more and he never came home.

Perhaps you have seen Jurgen or have head about what became of him? If you have please speak to the local watch and to his wife Olga who keeps the fish stall at the end of the Bruckberg Strasse.

Sweet Shallya bless those so kind as to heed this notice."

Word is Jurgen was not quite so handsome, a better description would be crooked, balding, and toothless with a large brown wart on his left cheek.

Flyer from Olga Klinski, the fisnmongers wife

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