The Enemy Within

Arriving in Middenheim

Some beastmen attacked their carriage in the Drachwald. Dealing with them, they interrogated a survivor who told them a “turncoat human” from the city had paid them to attack travelers on the road. Their leader had a brass medallion tacked on to his harness that had a red crown enameled on it.

They arrived at the huge city of Middenheim perched on a massive spire of rock in the middle of the forest. They debarked at Castle Rock Coaches and took rooms at the coaching inn. They noticed the heraldy of Graf von Ashenbek, the man Graf von Kaufman had asked them to investigate as a possible chaos cultist. Apparently he was quite influential here.

They visited Proffesor von Oppenheim at the Collegium Theologica that afternoon. He was quite amusing and constantly referenced quotes from books. He explained his theory of taint removal from a pair of tomes he had recently acquired and was quite excited to try it out on their tainted artifact. However, the ritual needed access to the Holy Flame at the temple of Ulric and his letters requesting access had gotten him nowhere. He asked if they could arrange permission from the Ulrican priests and they agreed. They left the lead lined box containing the artifact with the Professor.

That night they went to the expensive Inn, the Prospect, where the witch hunter Adele Ketzenblum was supposedly staying. The staff were uncooperative, but told them Frau Ketzenblum was out but they could leave a message. They did.

Bjorn and Roderick watched the place late into the evening and spied Ketzenblum entering. Hailing her they asked to talk to her saying Captain Baerfaust had sent them. She agreed, but not here, meet her tomorrow at 8pm at the Halfway House.

The next morning they tried to meet with the priests at the temple of Ulric. They navigated the bureaucracy and managed a brief audience with Priest Frost, the man in charge of pilgrimage access to the Holy Flame. Noa lied and said that Emperor Karl Franz himself had sent them and they required access to the flame for a ritual of cleansing. Priest Frost looked at them suspiciously and said he would take it under advisement and they should return tomorrow for his answer.

Bjorn scoped out the Halfway House and was horrified to realize it was a halfling tavern!



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