The Enemy Within

Dangerous Territory

Continuing their journey they rumbled through the hills approaching the Great Forest. They stumbled on a scene of a wrecked carriage with the corpses of previous travelers that rose up and tried to eat them. Outside of Wurtbad 3 skaven stole the lead lined box, but abandoned it in the woods because it kept sounding a loud alarm bell, apparently the skaven had not counted on that (thanks Herr Luminary), but it was now obvious the skaven were tracking the tainted bell clapper.

They passed a scene where a nobleman was brutally pressing peasants into his militia for the war effort, they left the tears of the women and children in their wake.

Passing through Talabecland, they found Talagaad all sealed up by the city council fearing the coming of the northmen. Riding west towards Middenheim they entered the dark forest of the Drachwald, the looming trees closing over them like great monsters ready to pounce.



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