The Enemy Within

Docks Murders Solved

A new chapter begins

The skaven sorcerer cast a spell that put the 3 armed mutant skaven into a frenzy which charged Bjorn. The skaven assassin circled around and focused on Noa. Roderick put an arrow into the sorcerer, who escaped with a skitterleap spell, teleporting away. Bjorn kept the monstrous mutant busy while Raus drove the assasin away from Noa, the assassin escaping up the ladder. Then Bjorn and Raus killed the frenzied 3 armed mutant whose tattoos flared green and he melted into a puddle of hair strewn goo and writhing maggots within 30 seconds.

The skaven dealt with, they searched the tanneries. In the Atzwig tannery workshop they found a makeshift altar and scattered tools and detritus from the skaven activiites. On a table by the altar was the missing gold plaque with bits carved off of it, a cold brazier with the charred remains of 13 hearts, a tarnished silver bell clapper which gave a feeling of unease when looked at (like the stolen effigy), but only the tip of the nose of the effigy which appeared to have rolled under a bowl. In a pit behind the tannery they found the remains of 13 bodies covered in quicklime whose hearts had been ripped from their chests. They recognized Hans the Knacker, Ute the Busker, Rolf Haller, and Bjorns dwarf cousin amongst the bodies. They concluded that the Skaven had needed 13 sacrificial hearts for a ritual to create the bell clapper from the warpstone in the effigy. The missing people from the docks were the sacrifices. Roderick realized that the large pipe used for runoff into the river from the tanneries would make for a good hidden entrance and that tracks of bodies being drug into the pipe would be wiped out by the rising river on the mudflats during heavy rains. It all came together, though they still didn’t know the bigger purpose or the connection with the Black Hood.

Calling in the watch, the priests of Sigmar, and Luminary Mauer, they explained what they had found and how they had found it. The watch called in the cult of Morr to deal with the bodies and hauled away the two tanners Dieter and Linus on charges of serial murder (their claims of Skaven met with derision). Luminary Mauer took the tainted bell clapper to protect it with the agreement of the Sigmarites.

Bjorn dealt with the funerary arrangements for his cousin, Roderick relaxed in the glory of his new notoriety on the docks taking credit for solving the murders, and Noa and Raus returned to duties with their respective orders. Life returned to normal. For a while at least…

About a week later, all the bells in the city began to ring. News had arrived that a massive host of chaos warriors had boiled down from the chaos wastes and invaded the empire. The armies of Ostland had been crushed and Emperor Karl Franz had called the provinces to muster and Averland was responding. The city erupted into chaos as news of war spread. Neighbors turned on neighbor with accusations of being in league with chaos, nobles vied to one up each other, and the Averheim garrison mustered for war.

Passing the Plenzerplatz where the garrison was mustering, Bjorn was spotted by Captain Baerfaust (who was to command the Averland contingent). Baerfaust told him he needed to follow up on Adel Ketzenblum’s (the witch hunter from the party) investigations into the Black Hood. However, he didn’t have time with the preparations for war. He asked Bjorn if he would follow up for him and give him a report. Meanwhile, Noa had received a summons from Herr Luminary who wanted to see all of them. The group got together and went to the White Horse where Adele was supposed to be staying. The staff had no idea who Adele Ketzenblum was, but got tight lipped when asked about the witch hunter. Roderick and Raus managed to convince them to tell them what they knew.

They were informed that a witch hunter by the name of Hanne Schmidt had been staying there but had left this morning. They were pretty sure she took a Castle Rock coach, who only operated one line that went to Middenheim. When the White Horse staff realized she had been staying under an assumed name, they wondered why if she always refused to take that witch hunter hat off, even in the heat. It clearly gave her away as a witch hunter, not very smart if she wanted to stay anonymous with the assumed name…

They headed to Herr Luminary’s flat off the Plenzerplatz, passing by the Red Arrow Coaching facilities on the way.



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