The Enemy Within

Off to Middenheim

Of Cultists and Wolves

They headed to Herr Luminaries residence, passing the Red Arrow Coaching compound where they found a tense standoff between the Red Arrow coachmen and laborers facing a group of Averheim Guardsmen and a group of young nobles. Both the guards and the nobles were trying to confiscate the Red Arrow wagons to use to haul supplies to the war. The Red Arrow employees brandished improvised weapons. Raus and Roderick stepped in and managed to delay things long enough for Graf von Kauffman to appear and defuse the situation (aided by the mustachioed Ogre he had with him!). Graf von Kauffman was happy to see them because he had a job for them. He wanted them to travel to Middenheim and look into the dealings of a business rival of his, Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck. The rivalry was such that sabotage between the two of them was not unheard of, and considering that several of von Kauffman’s shipments of black powder from Nuln had been taken, and that von Aschenbeck had agents in Nuln, he suspected him of complicity. Now that war had broken out, the stealing of black powder seemed doubly suspicious and dare he say, traitorous. Graf von Kauffman hinted that von Aschenbeck may be a chaos cultist. They agreed and were paid a Gold Crown up front. The Red Arrow would provide transport to Middenheim.

Going on to Herr Luminaries, they found him packing to head to the front. He suspected the Light Order would want to activate the Luminark, a large horse drawn weapon against chaos and he would be needed to operate it. He wanted to discuss the tainted bell clapper. A long time goal of Herr Luminary, and the Light Order, had been to find a way to remove taint from tainted artifacts rather than just store them. He had become aware of some theories of a Professor Robertus von Oppenheim in Middenheim of a new process to remove taint. Since he was called away to war, he could not follow up on it. He asked if the would take the clapper to Proffessor von Oppenheim and test his theory. Afterwards, report to Herr Luminary in Altdorf. They agreed, and Herr Luminary gave them a lead lined box containing the clapper and a sealed envelope. Both were sealed with powerful magic and could only be opened by Oppenheim. As they left, Roderick heard a familiar popping sound at the window. The same sound he had heard when the skaven at the tannery had teleported away with his “Skitterleap” spell!

On their way back to the docks to discuss the missions given to them by the 3 powerful benefactors, they were attacked by a cell of the Red Crown chaos cult. It appeared the cult had taken the outbreak of war as an excuse to attack from within. The cultists picked a very poor choice of targets and were slaughtered, but not before putting the squishy Noa back into the hospital. Noa was now on a first name basis with some of the Shallyan sisters.

The next morning Noa was barely back on his feet (thanks to some divine healing) and they set off for Middenheim in a comfortable Red Arrow coach driven by their old crusty friend Werther. The journey was expected to take two weeks but the Red Arrow was fronting all expenses. They set off, but in Strickland their carriage was attacked by giant wolves hungry for the horses. The carriage crashed, rolling on it’s side, but they managed to kill two of the wolves and drive off the others, saving the horses. It took them a while to right the carriage with a clever application of some large tree limbs and lever system, but managed to resume their journey.



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